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The Ecosystem services' assessment in the Israeli Mediterranean project

IMG 9266Led by:  Dr. Shiri Shamir Zemah, The Natural resource and Environmental Research Center, University of Haifa.
The marine environment constitutes an asset of natural capital and benefits enjoyed by humanity. This project is the first of a kind for Israel and assesses these benefits, often referred to as “ecosystem services”, in the territorial and economic waters of the Israeli Mediterranean Sea. An economical valuation is provided by employing spatial analysis tools alongside economic valuation methods of the different ecosystem services, hence underlying critical areas of benefit supply. In addition, by incorporating different scenarios into the analysis (e.g. environmental changes and marine resources exploitation), the future flow of marine ecosystem services can be examined. The final outcome of the project will consist of an encompassing economic valuation of the diverse benefits given by our marine ecosystems. Project partners include: Haifa University (S. Shamir Zemah, M. Shechter, Y. Peled). IOLR (A. Israel)


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